This is our specialism. Over the years we have had great success re-schooling ex racehorses for eventing, polo and dressage, as well as finding the strong points of other horse sent to us for schooling and backing. We strongly believe that horses tell you what job they want to do – it’s our job to work out what that is!


Ex racehorse “Rainsborough” competing in affiliated BE at Tweseldown

We also get sent horses for fine tuning, schooling and backing – from warmbloods to Connemara ponies and most things in between. Head girl Glea Laanisto gets outstanding results using a blend of natural horsemanship, an innate understanding of how the horse is feeling, and a bit of old fashioned common sense.
The results are happy horses who fully understand what is being asked of them and do their work willingly.


Retrained racehorse Mr Big competing BD at Sparsholt with Glea (qualifying for Nationals)


Retrained thoroughbred “Blue” playing polo at Cowdray Park with Aurora