New stable block for full livery in Hampshire

We can offer full and part livery here. Horses are cared for every day, all year round. Our three grooms are extremely experienced and we are specialists in backing and reschooling horses using the pressure-release method, and natural horsemanship.


Our brand new stable building provides a warm and extremely secure tack room, plus security lights.  There is CCTV into the owners house (and mobile phone) which notifies us of any unusual movement or noise.

Full livery:
£1050 per month (all standard feed, hay, bedding, grazing, mucking out, catching and turning out, exercise 5 days per week)

Part Livery:
£800 per month (as above but no exercising)

Schooling/backing livery:
£300 per week

Schooling sessions on an ad-hoc basis:

Broodmares at grass: